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Nothing is luckier than the Irish (or Irish-in-spirit) on St. Patrick's Day, and nothing is healthier for you than eating your greens. So why not combine the two at the dinner at the dinner table?

Easy ideas for a week’s worth of green St. Patrick’s Day family dinners.

It’s that time of the week again, or for those less organized moms, that time of the day again. Trying to figure out what to make for dinner so you can check a favorite recipe, cookbook or website for the recipe, check the refrigerator and pantry for ingredients and then hit the market. Oh yes, all before starting to prep and cook. We are trying to ease the burden a bit with what we think can be the toughest part—figuring out what to make.

So, here is this week’s advice—with a green St. Patrick’s Day theme—on easy ideas for a week of family dinner (we say order-in or go easy-like with cereal for two nights, so our cooking week is really 5 nights!).

Now, with the guessing game gone for ideas for a week’s worth of green St. Patrick’s Day family dinners, you can seek out favorite recipes, whether from your stash or new ones online. Know that picky eaters make one recipe for all a bit tricky. That’s why we are providing the menu suggestion then sending you out to make it. Family recipes, new and old cookbooks plus cooking sites can help you compile the best ingredients that work at your table.


5 Family Dinner Ideas for St. Patrick’s Week

  1. Spinach Lasagna. Not only can you add spinach to the ricotta (or whatever cheese) filling, but you can also use spinach noodles for a festive as well as healthy touch.
  2. Caesar Salad. No way are we suggested that kit found in the produce aisle. This is easy and much more delicious to make from scratch. Just leave a little extra time for getting the most crisp lettuce or letting the dressing set. This salad can be turned into a hearty meal with grilled shrimp, chicken or salmon put over it.
  3. Fish with a Green Side. Any white fish like tilapia, sea bass or cod is easy to make and won’t take away from the St. Paddy green effect. Focus on the sides like roasted and glazed Brussels sprouts or a medley of green roasted veggies like green peppers, broccoli, artichoke hearts and more.
  4. Stuffed Artichokes. These funny looking veggies are delicious with a side of garlic infused drawn butter or a mustard/mayonnaise sauce and make a whimsical dish for stuffing. The stuffing can be simple seasoned breadcrumbs, veggie based or made with some kind of meat. All up to you.
  5. Soup and Sandwich. Try a cream of broccoli or split pea soup (immersion blenders make these even easier to prepare). Then make a panini with pesto and mozzarella (or other well received sandwich). You can even go so far as to cut the sandwiches into clover shapes with a cookie cutter if you’ve got one.

Bon appétit!

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