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What's On Your Kid's Wishlist?

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whats-on-your-kids-wishlist-videoWomensforum.com talks to moms about their kid’s wish list.

What’s on yours? From princess castles to tablet accessories, the kids have their Christmas wish lists ready. They want what they want for Christmas and all moms try their best to get them! See if any of these presents sound like what’s on your kid’s wish list.

Kid's Christmas Wish Lists

Every year their wish lists change as a kids mind is ever-changing. Your children's top must-have items rotate as new items hit the  market. Little girls and boys may want classic toys or something new and modern. Older kids may go for the fancier electronics, useful school supplies, or honestly some cash or gift cards to use as they please. 

How have you been handling your children's Christmas list? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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