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  • When Food Becomes Fashion

    When Food Becomes Fashion

    Who said it’s bad to play with your food? Nothing is better than mixing the glorious worlds of food and fashion together. Both can be visually beautiful and can brighten a dull mood instantly.

    Here are artists and designers that have played with their food and got beautiful results.

    Photo Credit: Gretchen GoëhrsSarah HillenbergerTed Sabarese

  • Tasteful Jewelry

    Tasteful Jewelry

    These are the ultimate must-haves for the foodie fashionista. Sport your food obsession with small jewels that look yummy and stylish!

    Photo Credit: DirtRoadSouth.etsy.com

  • Wear Your Dinner

    Wear Your Dinner

    Talk about getting food on your clothes. Artist Yeon Ju created these 100 percent edible pieces to contradict the notion of wearing clothing. Although in the shape of clothing, if worn, they would completely fall apart. These pieces have been compared to wedding dresses, where they’re only worn once and never again.

    Photo Credit: Yeon Ju

  • Veggie-nistas


    These strikingly beautiful art pieces are by fashion illustrator Gretchen Goëhrs. Goëhrs uses the natural shape of fruits and veggies to inspire her work and morph the average snack into a high fashion art piece. Who knew corn could be so fab?

    Photo Credit: Gretchen Goëhrs

  • Cool As A Cucumber Shades

    Cool As A Cucumber Shades

    This is the new face of fashion. With a paring of veggies and fruits cut in geometric shapes underneath stylish sunglasses, photographer Philip Karlberg created tongue-in-cheek looks that look as great as they are yummy.

    Photo Credit: Philip Karlberg

  • Don The Green

    Don The Green

    For artist Sarah Hillenberger, everyday objects are what inspire her. Hillenberger’s “Return of The Leek” necklace and “Trendgemüse” cocktail dress are not only works of art, they are also beautiful one-of-a-kind fashion pieces.

    Photo Credit: Sarah Hillenberger

  • Couture Worthy Fast Food

    Couture Worthy Fast Food

    Do you want fries with that Hermès? Although not real, these fashion brands turned food labels have us hungry for some shopping.

    Photo Credit: Melissabaum.com

  • Surprising Food Style

    Surprising Food Style

    A combination of quirk, innovation and great design, photographer Fulvio Bonavia’s Matter Of Taste is breathtaking. The perfectly crafted pieces often cause a second take due to their realistic shapes and colors.

    Photo Credit: Fulvio Bonavia

  • Walk A Mile In These Shoes?

    Walk A Mile In These Shoes?

    Yes, this is a hamburger-inspired tennis shoe. For those foodie sneakerheads out there, these Hamburger-inspired tennis shoes made by Max Berliti are a must-see (and maybe taste).

    Photo Credit: GeyserOfAwesome.com

  • Cooking Couture

    Cooking Couture

    This strikingly beautiful photo series by photographer Ted Sabarese is inspired by what people crave when they’re hungry. We would wear those waffle pants no matter our craving!

    Photo Credit: Ted Sabarese

  • Sweet Success

    Sweet Success

    Even high fashion has taken inspiration from food with Jeremy Scott channeling one of our favorite sweets, chocolate, into a formal gown. Agatha Ruiz de la Prada has also taken note by pairing ultra-chic silhouettes with food-like accessories.

    Photo Credit: Vogue.com; TodayAndTomorrow.net

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