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when-should-kids-get-their-first-cellphoneThe Best Age and Rules to Getting Your Child Their First Cellphone.

Deciding when kids should get their first cellphone is a big decision. A cell phone holds a lot of responsibility, rules, and gives a child more privacy. And it seems as though the age of when kids get their first cellphone keeps getting younger and younger.  When should kids get their first cellphone? What rules should there be with their first cellphone? We'll help you answer these questions and give advice on cell phones and your children. 

The Age of Their First Cellphone 

The age of when kids should their first cellphone varies from child to child. Some children may be very responsible while others may lose things easily or hang with “the bad kids” at school. You know your child, so you know the best age for them to get their first cell phone. A good age for all kids to receive their first cell phone is 13-15. Any younger might be pushing it. And who in the world could 10 year-olds be texting?

Cell phones could be a great birthday gift. When kids turn 13, it’s a major age. They become teenagers and expect to be treated more adult-like. What better way to celebrate their birthday than to give them their first cellphone? Now hold on... there should be some rules though when it comes to a first cell phone. 

Rules For Kids’ First Cellphone 

Whether your child has their cellphone for fun or for emergency purposes, it’s up to you when you think they can handle having a cellphone. Before you decide, here are some rules, questions and guidelines you should think about: 

  • Can my child be responsible for the phone? Take care of it, not lose it, and not break it?
  • Will the phone mainly be used to check-in with me and for emergencies or for social purposes?
  • Should there be games, Internet access and texting?
  • What do I want to spend? What kind of monthly service should I give the phone?
  • No cellphone use at dinner table 
  • No cellphone use when in bed for the evening
  • No cellphone use while in school and classes
  • Take the cellphone away as punishment 
  • Give them limited minutes and texts and expect them to keep track of what they have used

13 is a good age for when kids should get their first cellphone, but talk to your spouse or friends about the best age. Follow these tips and guidelines. Setting the rules first will ensure success when you get your kids their first cellphones.

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