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when-to-see-a-cardiologist-videoDr. Mark Huffman tells us when it's best to see a cardiologist. 

1 in 3 people will die of a heart attack, so taking care of a healthy heart shouldn't be set aside. Seeing a cardiologist is not routine for most people but may be necessary for others. It’s important to recognize heart attack symptoms and to have continuous communication with your primary physician if you’re experiencing any heart issues or discomfort.

Cardiovascular Care

Anyone who experiences heart attack symptoms should definitely see their primary doctor immediately and tell them the type of symptoms they’re having. After an examination determining that symptoms related to the heart exist, a referral to a cardiologist may be given.

Using cardiovascular health factors and behaviors, a cardiologist will form a plan for the patient. Sometimes a person’s cardiovascular health can improve with behavior changes such as eating a healthier diet and seeing a nutritionist.

Dr. Huffman says “The foundation of treatment is behavior,” so medication is not the end all, be all. Only if there is not a relationship between the heart and symptoms a patient has may pills or other medication be prescribed.

You only get one heart, so take extra care for it because its pumps are keeping you going. Seek a doctor if you feel you have any symptoms or signs of poor heart health. 

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