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when-your-family-doesnt-like-your-manYou love him but your parents or siblings don’t. How do you handle that? 

When you bring your boyfriend or fiancé to meet the family for the first time, it’s always nerve-racking. You love him and you want them to love him too. However, when you find out that they aren’t his biggest fans, how do you handle that? What is the best way to make sure your family and your guy get along? We have a few ideas you can try so everyone can be civil and happy together! 

When your family disapproves of your boyfriend, It can be a touchy situation to deal with and the tips below can help ease it. 

Talk With Your Family 

Whether it’s your mom, your dad, your sister, or the whole family is unhappy with who you are dating, sit them down and have a mature conversation. Your family loves you and wants what is best for you. Find out what it is about your partner that they don’t like. Let them know how you feel too. Let them know how much it hurts you to know they don’t like him. Another great idea is to illustrate to them why you love your boyfriend so much. Maybe they will see him in a different light. Find out what he can do or what will make them like him and go from there.

Talk to Your Guy

Be honest with him. Let him know how your family feels towards him but also try to be sensitive. He loves you and it devastates him that your family doesn’t like him. Tell him how much you appreciate his maturity during family gatherings. Discuss ways on how the both of you can work to make the situation better and steps either of you can take so your family can see what you find special about him.

Family Gathering Tips

  • Always leave a family get-together on a good note.
  • Aim for everyone to be civil and mature even when there is tension or awkward moments.
  • A sit-down dinner is intimidating; try another activity like coffee or watching a movie together.
  • When you, your boyfriend and family are together, talk about his good qualities (his romantic gestures, hard work ethic, helpfulness with others)
  • Get your boyfriend involved in things your family loves to do together

Try some of these simple ideas if your family doesn’t like your boyfriend. Also, give your family some time to warm up to him. They will get there as long as you and your man stay strong and positive.  

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