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We all remember the Halloween scene in Mean Girls (aka every parent's waking nightmare) when the "Plastics" are getting ready to go to the Halloween party in lingerie and/or tight black latex. It can be pretty traumatic watching your cute little princess stop picking crowns and tutu's or any of the other cute costumes and start picking more revealing outifts..

In a sense, it's understandable. When your tween or teen is seeing the only options for women's costumes are sexy cops or sexy nurses, it sends them the message that this is what women should be wearing for Halloween. 

Womensforum talked to Taylor Shaw, a licensed clinical social worker and adolescents expert from Southwest Psychotherapy Associates about talking to your teens when it comes to playing dress-up for Halloween.  

First of all, Shaw says you have every right as a parent to get curious and ask questions about what your kid is wearing for Halloween! Shaw recommends taking the time to talk to your child and have her explain why she wants to be a certain costume. 

Mean Girls Gif

Yes, you risk not being the "cool mom," but simply because it’s Halloween does not mean it is appropriate for a teenage girl to dress up as a playboy bunny, sexy kitten or any of the hundreds of other costumes that seem childlike until the bottoms hike up and the tops hike down.  

3b5949001bb8507debe39ee96a4ff6e6"If your daughter shows interest in dressing up in a sexy costume though, get curious as to why she thinks this is even an option for her," advises Shaw.

From there, offer ideas on how to make a costume idea appropriate. For example, if the skirt is too short, you can suggest adding leggings to the outfit or switching out the skirt for pants without scrapping the whole idea of the costume. Emphasize costume ideas that are funny, original or on trend, like ideas from pop culture or this year's blockbuster movies. 

"Getting genuinely curious with your kids can help you understand them better," Shaw says, adding "it even helps in making your 'uncool parent' opinion hold more weight" if you're not approaching the conversation in a completely judgmental way.''


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