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There's nothing like the promise of a New Year to inspire a bit of wanderlust or a desire to hit the open road. Plus, with holiday gift cards and bonuses burning the proverbial hole in your pocket, now is definitely the time to plan your upcoming year of travel. Here are some of the hottest destinations and vacation ideas in 2017...

Instagrammable Properties.

For those of who subscribe to the "Instagram or it didn't happen" philosophy, you might be in luck. Less can indeed be more, especially at these pared down chic boutique hotels that have an exceptional style that might very well be the opposite of the over-the-top all-inclusive resorts and cruises that we typically see in popular vacation destinations. 

Or you might skip the hotel altogether by staying in AirBnB or similar type of rental. After all, AirBNB has more beds worldwide than any given hotel chain; plus it offers more immersive type of experience. Since you're staying in someone's house or apartment, located in a more residential neighborhood, cooking for yourself, and otherwise living life as a local, you could have more of a cultural exchange than you would on any other type of vacation.

Foodie Tourism.

The idea of traveling somewhere specifically because you want to explore the local cuisine is definitely not a new one. but it's reaching a peak saturation point where it's relatively easy to find culinary-centric packages to a huge variety of destinations. Perhaps 2017 will be the year that you'll travel to the places that are home to the cuisines you crave.

Sailing Away.

The idea of going on a private yacht or captaining your own sailboat (fancy yourself a #moderndaypirate, anyone?) is becoming much more accessible, with a number of companies launching boat charters and sailing trips to a variety of far-flung islands. Exploring the high seas on your own (or chartered and captained) seaworthy vessel might be your trip of a lifetime. 

Renewed Appreciation For Theme Parks.

Granted, theme parks and amusement parks are perpetually popular for parents thanks to their many kid-friendly activities. However, with tons of contemporary updates and new hotels, restaurants, and activities designed to appeal to grown-ups, the idea of visiting a theme park or amusement park isn't limited to parents traveling with their kids any more. 

Besides, who doesn't love the elegantly engineered adventures that you can have in a great theme park? These types of vacations are great if you want tons of fun and excitement with minimal effort and planning on your part - perfect for families and busy adults alike! 

Going International (If You're American).

The dollar is strong so your travel fund goes a lot further, so this could be the year that you visit Europe, the Caribbean, or any other international destination that you've been dying to visit. It's also Canada's 150th anniversary and accordingly, there are tons of special events and celebrations happening in the U.S.'s neighbor to the north.

Given all of these trends and travel options, there's a trip or destination that can help you make 2017 one of your most memorable years yet! 


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