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which-bachelorette-is-right-for-chris-soules-mainPhoto credit: ABC

After this week’s five-hour long, two-day Bachelor special, only three bachelorettes are left. Whitney, Becca and Kaitlyn are ready to meet Chris’ family before heading to Bali for a romantic getaway and enjoying the fantasy suite. But who will Chris choose? And who is the best for Chris?

It seems viewers loves all three women equally, as all bring something unique to the table: Whitney, the cute girl next door, Becca the innocent sweetheart and Kaitlyn the wild girl that always can make you laugh. While all these women could make Chris happy and be good wife material, to us Whitney and Becca stand out the most. 

The girl Chris proposes to will have to move with him to Arlington, Iowa... a small town of 400 people. Whitney seems like she could handle this move better than all the girls. So, who are you rooting for? 


The cute 29 year-old blond fertility nurse from Chicago, Ill. Whitney's home isn’t far from Iowa and Chris has always said he goes to Chicago to see family, so if she were to move, she’ll surely come back and visit. Plus, Whitney seems to be the best choice for Chris. They’ve shared exciting dates, like when they decided to crash a wedding together or when she met his three best friends. 

There’s definite chemistry there and she seems more ready than any of the girls to settle down, get married, have kids and live in a small town. 


The 25 year-old chiropractic assistant from San Diego, Calif. It seems Becca and Chris’ relationship has taken a little longer to develop. The two shared a bit of passion on their horseback riding date and Chris announced he was starting to have feelings for her. 

But during hometown dates, Becca’s family made Chris a little nervous. He doesn’t know she’s a virgin yet but they did reveal she’s not an intimate and sexual person. They were surprised she even let him touch her (weird) and he’s the first guy she’s brought home. Awkward!


This bubbly 29 year-old dance instructor from Vancouver also is having a slower time getting to that romantic point with Chris. They did have a fun one-on-one date where Jimmy Kimmel joined and her family seemed to be very inviting to Chris. She finally let her guard down and we saw some romance between the two when Kaitlyn surprised Chris with a huge lighted billboard that said, "Kaitlyn hearts Chris."

Well, it seems America is rooting for Whitney, but is she the best choice for Chris? What do you think? 

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