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whitney-houston-toxicology-reportsHow Whitney Houston Died

Many of us have grieved and continue to grieve the loss of the beautiful, talented singer Whitney Houston.  It seems like such a waste and we all try to understand why someone who has everything, someone who lit up the world with her talent, such as Whitney Houston, could be gone.  It's just unbelievable, yet we have seen other patterns of celebrities dying before their times.  Understanding how this could happen is so incomprehensible, yet the reality is, ordinary people die from the same influences as she did.  But it doesn't make things any easier and it would be best to understand and work to prevent why such things happen.

Why Did Whitney Houston Die?

The Whitney Houston toxicology results have been confirmed.  Houston died from drowning just hours before she was to appear at a party the eve before the Grammy's. Cocaine, marijuana, Xanax, a muscle relaxant and benedryl were found in her system.  It was also discovered that she had symptoms of heart disease caused by her continued drug use. Experts surmise that for her to actually drown in a bathtub, she had to have been pretty overloaded with the aforementioned drugs.  Prescription drugs were also found in the hotel room, but not in huge quantities.

Whitney Houston Mixed Medication, Alcohol, and Drugs

There are some of us that require the use of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications, like Xanax.  There is nothing wrong with using medicine to help us function.  Still, many of us feel "weak" because we require the medication to function.  The reality is that any depression or anxiety we feel can be situational or hereditary. We may be going through a divorce.  We may be going through post-partum depression. We may be grieving the loss of a loved one, or we may simply be living our lives in darkness that we cannot explain or understand.  That is where medication can help. That is where medication can enable us to be the best wives, mothers and friends that we can.  And we do it one day at a time, whether it is because of adverse situations in our lives or brain chemistry imbalances.

We can learn from Whitney Houston in that we all need to remember that with the ingestion of medications for depression and anxiety, comes parameters.  And the information the pharmacists give us, whether on the pill bottle itself or the informational brochures that often come with perscriptions, needs to be taken very, very seriously. 

Clearly Whitney Houston had some issues she needed to overcome.  We like to think celebrities have it good because they have everything that they could ever want; can travel anywhere they want.  In short, they actually live the dreams we have of being rich and famous. But clearly money and fame don't buy happiness.  Although we love Whitney, she was very confused.  She relied carelessly and mindlessly on the medicines that were intended to help her through the difficult times, so much so, that she mixed them fatally.

The Lesson from Whitney Houston's Death

Any woman, whether mother or not, whether married or not, has challenges.  And some of us take medication to get through the rough spots.  But we need to remember that no matter who we are, we are loved and we have worth.  And we need to take medications responsibly.  We need to listen to the doctors and pharmacists and not mix medications.  If you like to have a glass of wine or a cocktail now and then, make sure it is safe to have it with any prescriptions you are taking.  It is heartbreaking that we lost yet another talented woman and celebrity mom.  But the reality is, that the only thing we can take from her death is to not let it happen to us and protect those we love.
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