I am sure you've heard or seen the makeup line called Younique, known for their 3D fiber lash mascara, somewhere. Whether or not it was on Facebook while scrolling your newsfeed, or your bestie sending you a selfie about how fabulous her lashes look. Younique cosmetics are a fresh new trendy luxury brand with smart tactics and fabulous products.

The brother and sister duo from Utah founded their company in September of 2012. They have a clear vision for they way they want to run things and how they want their message to be portrayed. They strive of uplifting, empowering, and validating all women across the world. I love them already.

What’s different about the brand you ask? They are a social media, word of mouth kind of brand. No real big advertising, billboards, commercials. Of course you're probably thinking exactly what I did at first. What the heck are they thinking? The strange part is that its been working for them.

The products speak for themselves, and of course it helps that they have luxury-enriched botanicals and natural ingredients such as coco, water and flower extract in their Divine Daily Moisturizer. They really do have it going on girlfriend and then some.

Younique is a company that you can sell from home. So when people hear that they think of Mary-K or Avon. Yeah it’s kind of like that- but in a new trendy, fashionable way. You can buy a starter kit for around $100 and go online and pretty much be your own boss. Some woman have even claimed they make more money selling Younique then they did at their 9-5 corporate jobs.

Well you go girl. If you not interested in working for the company you can just buy the products online, host an at home or virtual online party and get some free goodies while your at it. Free stuff? Where do I sign up?

So getting back to mascara. Since I am such a makeup addict myself I always have to do my full research. I went online and bought some products to try out for myself to see what the hype was all about. Their 3D fiber lash mascara really does what the name says, makes your lashes look 3D. Where has this been all my life, I might shed a tear.

When I see 3D lashes I mean it looks like you have a fake pair of Disney princess lashes on daily. They are insanely thick and long without clumping. Lets say it all together now, FINALLY!

The cosmetic line has so much more then just mascara. Younique has a fully skin care line, waterproof and smudge proof eyeliners, and lips stains that actually stay on all day long. So if you are a makeup guru, or just want to try something different, or even new for that matter I would maybe start here and try out some Younique products. I mean what do you have to loose? You only gain Betty Boop lashes in the long run. YES!

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