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Screen-Shot-2014-06-09-at-9.03.00-AMDid you tune in to TV’s sexiest and most poised competition?

Lovely and talented ladies competed for a coveted crown during the 63rd annual Miss USA gala, wowing judges with their interviews, evening gowns and swimsuits. Giuliana Rancic and Thomas Robert hosted the event which took place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Florida Georgia Line, Nelly and Marc Broussard, are some of the musicians who performed. Judges included Rumer Willis, Karl Malone, Ian Ziering, Allie LaForce, Dolvett Quince, Randy Couture, Barbara Palacios, Melissa Peterman, and Lance Bass. Which ladies were your top favorites? 

Miss USA Top 20 Semi-Finalists  

  1. Miss Virginia: The pretty, blonde wrestler! 
  2. Miss North Dakota: Even though she was bullied in high school, she stayed preoccupied with ice hockey.
  3. Miss Georgia: A flight attendant who loves to travel! 
  4. Miss Indiana: The lover of horses. 
  5. Miss Tennessee: A performer in the circus.
  6. Miss Florida: Her father passed away when she was 22 and was her biggest supporter.
  7. Miss California: The graceful ballet dancer. 
  8. Miss Alabama: The outdoorsy one! 
  9. Miss Nevada: The kickin’ taekwondo girl.
  10. Miss Arizona: After finding out she had 5 different stomach diseases, she decided to major in nutrition. 
  11. Miss Maryland: Dog lover and veterinarian technician.
  12. Miss Minnesota: The gorgeous, educated nerd! 
  13. Miss Oklahoma: The home schooled beauty.
  14. Miss New Jersey: Bollywood dancer. 
  15. Miss Louisiana: She loves to camp and go fishing. 
  16. Miss Iowa: The shy girl, although you’d never know it! 
  17. Miss Nebraska: Started sporty but became a cheerleader! 
  18. Miss Wisconsin: The fun sports reporter.
  19. Miss Pennsylvania: The strong, unstoppable lady! 
  20. Miss South Carolina: Whose best friend is her sister. 

The top 20 semi-finalists competed in the swimsuit competition as Florida Georgia Line and Nelly sang their top hit “Cruise.” The ladies looked sexy and confident in their white two-piece suits! 

Top 10 Finalists 

  1. Miss Florida 
  2. Miss North Dakota 
  3. Miss Georgia 
  4. Miss Maryland 
  5. Miss California 
  6. Miss South Carolina 
  7. Miss Iowa 
  8. Miss Wisconsin 
  9. Miss Nevada 
  10. Miss Louisiana 

The 10 remaining women then competed in the evening gown portion of the evening. All the dresses were just stunning, like Miss Wisconsin’s long flowing yellow evening gown, Miss Nevada’s stunning deep red fish tail dress or Miss Louisiana’s blue evening gown infused with a shimmery diamond top. 

Top 6 Finalists 

  1. Miss Georgia 
  2. Miss Louisiana 
  3. Miss Nevada 
  4. Miss Florida 
  5. Miss North Dakota 
  6. Miss Iowa 

Next, the interview questions. This is the hardest and most intimidating portion of any pageant! With millions of people watching, sometimes, nerves can get to you. And we have seen plenty of competitors become YouTube sensations over their answer! But, the ladies all did very well. Some answers were pretty short and you could tell they were nervous but Miss Florida and Miss Nevada really hit out of the park! 

So, who took home the crown? Fifth runner up was Miss Iowa, fourth runner up was Miss Florida, third runner up was Miss Louisiana and second runner up was Miss Georgia. Miss Nevada and Miss North Dakota were the top two but the adorably cute and sweet Miss Nevada is now Miss USA 2014!

Watch the winning moment here for Miss Nevada.

What was your favorite moment of tonight’s live show? 

Photo Credit: Instagram 

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