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  • Katty Perry For Democrat Hillary Clinton

    Katty Perry For Democrat Hillary Clinton

    Katy Perry showed her support for presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton the best way she knew how: by amping up the audience at an Iowa rally for the Democratic candidate with musical performances by none other than herself!

    The influential duo referenced famous Perry lyrics to empower the crowd.

    “She’s my firework,” Perry said of Hillary Clinton after finishing her performance of her hit single “Firework”.

    In which Clinton responded with, “Sometimes it’s important, you just have to roar.” Very punny Hillary, very punny!

    The powerhouse weekend didn’t end there! The “Dark Horse" singer then gifted Clinton a POTUS (acronym for President of the United States) necklace in celebration of the former leading lady’s 68th birthday.

    Perry posted a sneak peek of the present on her Instagram and captioned the photo saying, “My birthday gift to my fellow Scorpio, Hillary, says it all."

    Photo Credit: Brian Powers/The Register


  • Mike Tyson for Republican Donald Trump

    Mike Tyson for Republican Donald Trump

    If Tyson could raise Donald Trump's hand in announcement of a victory, he would!

    During a sit down with the Huffington Post, former boxer Mike Tyson went public with his support of the Republican candidate for 2016 President.

    He gave an explanation for his unanimous vote by suggesting a change in our presidential approach. “Let’s try something new. Let’s run America like a business, where no colors matter. Whoever can do the job, gets the job," Tyson said. 

    When confronted with an opposing ultimatum, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, Tyson immediately gravitated toward his original statement, shutting down any other alternative options.

    "I like Trump," he reiterated.

    Photo Credit: nesn.com

  • Jennifor Lopez for Democrat Hillary Clinton

    Jennifor Lopez for Democrat Hillary Clinton

    While our favorite Jenny from the block hasn’t outright said “Team Hillary,” when made aware of the news of Clinton’s candidacy the singer told Entertainment News she was “very excited.”

    Which was then followed by an even bolder statement, “I think it’s time for a women [president].”

    It seems as though Lopez might have a fan in Clinton as well as seen with the recently leaked video of the presidential candidate raising the roof to JLo’s “Let’ Get Loud.”

    I’m sure Hil (we figured with all this mention of the Democratic candidate, we're achieved a level of a nickname basis now) was imagining that roof to look eerily similar to the one of a residential prospect of hers: the White House.

    Photo Credit: fashionstylemag.com


  • The Duggar Family for Republican Mike Huckabee

    The Duggar Family for Republican Mike Huckabee

    The TLC's Duggar family and former Arkansas Gov. now Republican presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, have each other's backs no matter what.

    The members of TLC’s reality TV show 19 Kids & Counting posted their endorsement on Huckabee’s campaign site the day his campaign was revealed to the public, but was later taken down from the site inexplicably.

    Duggar Dad, Jim Bob Duggar, was a former Arkansas state representative and long-time supporter of Huckabee, dating back to his 2008 campaign.

    Many onlookers are shocked that throughout the scandal with the oldest son, Josh, Huckabee continues to not only include the family as prominent supporters of his race for President but also describes them as a family that was "exploited" by the media, during an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly.

    Photo Credit: Politico


  • Amy Poehler for Democrat Hillary Clinton

    Amy Poehler for Democrat Hillary Clinton

    Only Amy Poehler can get away with impersonating Hillary on NBC's Saturday Night Live one night and endorsing her the next. It’s Poehler’s form of flattery that we can only hope one day we’re apart of because let’s face it a Poehler satirical imitation is only applied to the lives of important people of influence, which Hillary just so happens to fall under.

    The comedian and actress's Smart Girls Organization tweeted a GIF of the two dressed and accessorized as mirror images during a past SNL performance (a still is seen above).

    The caption read, “Let’s do this. #Hillary2016 @HillaryClinton”.

    Photo Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC via Associated Press

  • The Girls of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants for Hillary Clinton

    The Girls of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants for Hillary Clinton

    America Ferrera tweeted a pic (as seen above) of herself and Amber Tamblyn campaigning for Clinton in 2008 reminding her followers of her unchanging support for the hopeful presidential candidate. The tweet read, "I believed in her then, I believe in her now. @HillaryClinton #mypresident Me and @ambertamblyn stumping in 2008.”

    Ferrera's throwback photo of her and Amber “stumping" was referring to their involvement and titles as co-chairs of the Hillblazers, Hillary Clinton’s youth outreach program, during her 2008 presidential campaign.

    Photo Credit: Twitter @AmericaFerrera

  • Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson for Republican Bobby Jindal

    Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson for Republican Bobby Jindal


    Even before his run for President, Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal and Louisiana natives, The Robertson Family, had initiated a relationship. Jindal can even be seen giving Willie Robertson an entrepreneurial award of excellence during an episode of A&E’s Duck Dynasty (as seen in the above photo).

    Before Jindal confirmed his campaign, Willie Robertson and his wife Korie went on Fox News Radio and spoke in support of their state Governor for U.S. President if he did indeed choose to run.

    "I'd like to see if he makes a run at it, and, you know, if so, we'll definitely be trying to help him out," Robertson said.

    Another branch of the Robertson family tree, Jep and Jessica, endorsed Jindal during an interview with Fox’s entertainment website, Fox411.

    “We’ve gotten to chat with him several times, kind of just talking, he’s a great dude … he’s very transparent, has a great family, so yeah I’d definitely give him my vote,” Jep Robertson said.

    Photo Credit: AETV


  • Chuck Norris for Republican Mike Huckabee

    Chuck Norris for Republican Mike Huckabee


    Chuck Norris, the famous martial arts actor, supported Republican candidate Mike Huckabee in his 2008 presidential run and continues to do so during his 2016 campaign.

    The actor declared his persistent stance on Huckabee as the candidate worthy of his vote to the FirstDraft, the political news outlet at New York Times, saying,“I still believe Mike Huckabee is the most qualified." 

    The NYT went so far as to reign Norris as one of Huckabee’s “most loyal supporters."

    Photo Credit: Jeff Haynes/Reuters


  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson for Democrat Hillary Clinton

    Jesse Tyler Ferguson for Democrat Hillary Clinton

    It's not much of a surprise that Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson has hopped on the Hillary Express considering his past political advocacy in similar areas of importance to that of the Democratic candidate.

    Following Clinton's validation of all that circling candidacy talk, Ferguson took to Twitter to debunk all that talk of his candidacy or to poke humor at the lack thereof.

    After he relieved people of the anticipation of his own possible campaign he expressed his enthusiastic support for Clinton.

    "I have an announcement: I'm not running for president. Yay #Hillary2016 !" he tweeted. 

    Photo Credit: Pret-A-Reporter
  • Kid Rock for Republican Ben Carson

    Kid Rock for Republican Ben Carson

    Although the rock singer has remained out of the spotlight, Kid Rock took to Fox News in 2013 to discuss his political agenda in regards to the upcoming elections. 

    Before confirmation of any potential Presidential status, Kid Rock expressed his admiration for Ben Carson's political message and their shared roots: Detroit, Michigan.

    He also talked difficulty of being "the only righty in a left industry."

    Followed by unexpected words of wisdom: "There’s nothing wrong for standing up for what you believe in and having an honest conversation with people.”

    Photo Credit: FoxNews

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