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Let the sun shine in through your office window.

Spending your 9-to-5 in an office with a view is good for your health. A recent study found that employees who had a window in their office had a much better sense of health than those stuck in a dreary cubicle.

The researchers examined 49 people, 27 who worked in windowless offices and 22 who worked near windows, who worked a typical full time day shift. They found that exposure to natural light during the workweek tended to inspire people to exercise more.

Workers with a window also slept better at night. Those with windows got 46 more minutes of sleep a night on average, and the ones without windows had more sleep interruptions. Science has shown that lack of sleep can impact your health, and negatively affecting your productivity at work. Lack of sleep can potentially lead to vast mistakes or dangerous accidents, depending on your job. 

Something as simple as daylight, the study suggests, "may provide a profound way to improve office workers' productivity and health, as well as the safety of the community they work and live in."

Another study looked at nurses and found that if they had access to natural light throughout their long shift hours, they communicated better with their colleagues.

These two studies add to the growing evidence that exposure to light and dark patterns is one of the most important aspects influencing a person's natural circadian rhythm.

Get out as much as possible, even if it’s only for a few minutes to take a phone call. It's worth it!

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