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Why Accepting Compliments Is Good For Your HealthPhoto: Paramount Pictures

Do you ever feel uncomfortable when someone says something nice to you? Or if someone compliments you on your outfit, do you immediately respond by talking about the deal you got on an article of clothing? When’s the last time you just stopped and accepted the compliment... and really felt good about it?

It can be hard to simply accept a compliment for a number of reasons. First of all, if you don’t believe the actual compliment, it will be hard to receive it. For example, if you felt like you threw on a mismatched outfit and barely had time to brush your teeth this morning, and then someone compliments you on your outfit, you may find it hard to believe that this person is being sincere.

Or you may be so self-conscious that you’re embarrassed that someone even commented on your outfit. It can also be difficult to accept a compliment because you don’t like the additional attention. Maybe you’d rather fly under the radar or go unnoticed.

Perhaps you’re the one always giving the compliments, so it feels weird to be on the receiving end of them. If that’s the case, the role reversal may just feel uncomfortable.

However, accepting compliments is good for your health! When you smile and say "Thank you," you’re allowing the person a chance to give you a gift. When you brush off a compliment, make excuses, or try to discount the compliment, you are robbing the person of the opportunity to give to you. Being a gracious receiver is imperative for your health. It is easy to give, give give, but what happens when someone tries to give to you?

Being healthy includes having a healthy relationship with yourself. Believing in yourself and feeling good about yourself also contribute to your well-being. So the next time someone compliments you, accept it and feel it. Then thank them, smile, and embrace their kindness!

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