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Why Diets SuckYou realize at some point that you've stepped on the scale and the number is not what  it is on your driver's license anymore.  Gaining weight is a national campaign these days and doing something about it just sucks.  But if you're hit that mark or your jeans aren't fitting, there is a simple solution that really works to lose weight.

Fiber can be all you need to jumpstart your weight loss goals and make your diet plans suck less.  A national study released this year showed people on the DASH diet had similar weight loss results to those who just focused on one thing: getting more fiber in their diets. 

The DASH diet is a calorie-restricted, specific meal plan that an be difficult to follow.  It takes measuring, grilling, boiling, planning and starving for some- which can make it suck.

But the fiber group had just one goal: eat more fiber. They opted to strive to eat at least 25 grams of fiber a day, and the best part was they lost weight.

Simple things like adding healthy fiber-filled snacks like dry fruits, avocados, bananas can help you reach that 25 gram goal and help your diet efforts not suck.

If you're stuck in a rut and looking for a way to live healthier and lighter, think fiber.  It can be all you need to meet your goals and feel great.  

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