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Why Do People Trick or Treat on Halloween?

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Why Do Peole Trick or Treat on Halloween?Trick or Treat Originated as a Celtic Belief of the Dead Visiting the Living

Have you ever wondered why people trick or treat on Halloween?  Well we did and found there are a number of different fables about Halloween.  According to the one story the Irish had the greatest influence on why people trick or treat on Halloween nowadays.   As the story goes trick or treating is a mixture of ritualistic traditions performed on hallows eve on the Celtic New Year.  The Celtic's believed that on Hallows Eve or October 31 the boundaries between the living and the dead are undefined.

Spooky Trick or Treat Origins Based Upon Defunct Occult Beliefs

Supposedly on this one night of the year, the dead could revisit the living and cause mischeif.  So whether in jest (more recent times) or in all seriousness (historically at it's inception)d, in order to keep the evil spirits at bay on hallows eve the Celtics wore scary masks and paraded about the villages.  They also held bonfires, told scary stories and offered treats to ghouls and goblins for protection.  The Celtics also believed that if they didn't offer treats to the spirits, the spirits could wreak havoc on crops, livestock and even people.  Naturally trick or treating today isn't what it used to be!   In fact, in certain parts of Ireland it's considered a child's right of passage to scare neighbors and deface property when they're dissatisfied by their Halloween treats.  Which is all the more reason a few safety rules for trick or treating is critical to Halloween fun and not just for the kids but the entire neighborhood for that matter.

Keeping the Neighborhood Safe for Trick or Treating

Keeping the neighborhood safe for trick or treating is important.   Not only does this mean giving the children safety rules for trick or treating but also the neighbors!   Just because the festivities of Halloween trick or treating are anticipated as harmless fun, if you take lightly the rules for trick or treating your home could end up a target for Halloween mischief.   So to keep everyone including precious property safe; here are a few safety rules for trick or treating you may want consider on hallows eve:

  • To keep your home safe from being teepee'd with toilet paper because you didn't answer the door for trick or treaters, simply turn off the porch light.  This tells trick or treaters you don't have anymore candy.  And instead of them coming to your door they'll simply move on to the next house.
  • Don't give out reading material or household products as treats.  Giving anything except candy on Halloween is a sure calling card for your home or car to be egged.  And we all know how hard it is to get eggs off once they've dried!
  • Keep the dogs indoors or secured in the back yard.   The nightly noise of Halloween can irritate the family dog.  Not to mention the kids will be enticed to tease the dogs causing them to resent children in costumes.  This could spell big trouble if the family dog gets loose from the yard.

Finally and on a more serious note, all neighbors should be actively involved in supervising the kids during the night.   This means watching out for cars as they cross the street and looking out for Halloween bullies on the prowl for young children and their candy.   All in all Halloween is an exciting time for kids and adults especially once trick or treating is underway.  So to ensure everyone has a great time, consider these safety rules for trick or treating.

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