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1-why-does-bacon-smell-so-goodGet ready to pig out on this new information on bacon! 

There is nothing better than the smell of bacon on a lazy Sunday morning. Actually, we wouldn’t mind smelling bacon seven days a week! But what is it about the smell of bacon that just makes our mouths water and hearts melt? 

What Makes Bacon So Irresistible? 

According to new information and a video from the American Chemical Society and the blog Compound Impact, there’s actually some science to it! Sometimes, what people love the most about bacon is the smell!  Believe it or not, there are actually 150 different organic compounds that contribute to bacon’s smell. When you cook bacon, there are two different chemical processes occurring.

The fat of the bacon breaks down into what's called the Maillard reaction, and its sugars and amino acids react with each other. Plus, you can’t forget the sizzle sound. Bacon takes care of all of our senses! It looks delicious, smells phenomenal, tastes incredible, sounds divine and as soon as we touch bacon, it’s all over! 

"It just may be nitrogen-containing compounds that make bacon smell like nothing else in the universe," the video's narrator says.

Check out more on this video to see what gives bacon that unique aroma! 

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