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Cat won't stop licking you? Check out these weird cat facts and learn why.

While it's common knowledge that dogs love to lick, many wonder why cats do. Does my face taste good? Is she hungry? Am I about to get eaten? These are just a few common assumptions that could not be further from the truth about the nature of cat licking. 

Why Do Cats Lick?

Cats Use Licking To Bond Socially 

Just like chimpanzees, cats will develop bonds through the process of grooming. A grooming from your cat is designed to clean spots you're unable to reach. This feline behavior may seem strange, but it's designed to increase the bond with master and pet while exchanging scents. It's significant because licking is the first tactile sense cats experience upon birth.  

Marking Their Territory

If you get a daily cleaning from your cat, you should be flattered. This signifies she is totally comfortable in your presence and you have become a member of the family. While most pet owners choose not to lick their cats in return (for a good reason), they always make sure to return the affection.

Compulsive Licking Could Mean...

Compulsive licking from your cat could signify health problems in your cat. If you have an older cat that has never been too much of a licker, he could be suffering from a skin disorder such as fleas, ticks, or mange. Help calm your kitty by checking out reasons for irritation and take him to a vet.

Pent up energy or anxiety is another reason cats lick compulsively. If your cat is living in small or confined spaces and doesn't have a chance to run, jump or play, excess licking could be the result. In addition, the kitty could be starved for attention so make sure to give it adequate affection and the licking could cease.

How To Curb Excess Licking

If you feel like your cat is addicted to the taste of your skin, try spritzing it with lemon juice. The bitter flavor will make any cat discontinue their obnoxious habit. If that's not enough, remove your cat from the room when it starts to lick and reward it when it doesn't.

Hopefully these crazy cat tips will help you understand why cats lick you! Maybe you got a little laugh out of it too, ha! 

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