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There is a point in every little girl’s life where she wants nothing more than a puppy of her own. Any sighting of a dog will turn into at minimum a five-minute conversation about why this exact moment is the perfect time to get a puppy. Parents may be understandably reluctant about adding a four-legged member to their family, but getting your daughter a puppy is one of the best gifts you can give her.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not it’s time for a furry addition to the family, consider all the learning opportunities a puppy will bring into your home. 

A Puppy Will Teach Responsibility

A life lesson in responsibility. By tasking her with feeding the puppy every day and taking her furry friend on daily walks, she will be able to see that much of the puppy’s health and happiness depend on her actions. Responsibility is a necessary lesson every kid needs to learn, and partnering your daughter with a precious pup is the perfect way to teach it.

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Learning-lessons aside, you haven’t seen what pure happiness looks like until you’ve seen a little girl reunited with her puppy after a long day of school. These little tail-waggers have the ability to bring a sense of happiness and calm to a person. Whenever your daughter is mad, sad or upset, her puppy will be able to bring a smile to her face with just a wag of its tail.

They Can Have Adventures Together

Another big benefit of puppy love is all the adventures little girls and their furry pals can have. To a child, anything outside their bedroom door can seem like a wild, unexpected and mysterious journey.

As any girl who grew up with a puppy can tell you, there’s a special bond that develops between a girl and her dog. Your daughter’s puppy will become her secret keeper, partner in crime and best friend. You’ll always find her pup by her side during backyard adventures, during tea parties eating all the treats off the table or even wearing a tiara as a reluctant participant when playing dress up.

Your daughter and her pup will create tons of lifelong memories and that alone is enough of a reason for every little girl to have a puppy of her own.

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