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why-sleep-is-important-when-youre-sickThey always say rest is the best medicine and they may be right! 

Sure, medicine and fluids help make you better when you’re sick, but rest is the best thing for your illness. According to a new study, rest is best in protecting against illness and for healing. The study was done at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Their findings concluded that rest boosts your immune system and helps heal your illness! 


Sleep is the Best Medicine 

The researchers infected fruit flies that were either sleep-deprived or non-sleep-deprived with Serratia marcescens or Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria. They found that that flies that were sleep-deprived had greater survival after the infection, compared with the non-sleep-deprived flies. Sleep deprivation seemed to make the fruit flies sleep more after becoming sick.

They also found that flies that had more sleep before they even became infected survived longer after they were cured, so having a regular and normal sleep pattern actually helps heal illness in the long run. If you’re sick right now, all we can say is "goodnight!" 


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