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why-sugar-affects-bladder-healthSugar is a tasty choice but it not always a healthy choice.

Sugar negatively affect the bladder. Of course, many foods contain sugar and some of what we consume on a daily basis contains artificial glucose and this isn't terrible. You don't need to cut all sugar out of your diet but you should control your sugar in-take to prevent bladder issues. This is why sugar affects bladder health.

Sugar and Bladder Health

Natural and artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, chocolate, carbonated drinks that contain sugar or sugar itself can stimulate and irritate the bladder.

Muscles within the bladder can be affected by sugar. Sugar is a trigger for bladder spasms and urination frequency. Even artificial sweeteners can cause long-term detrimental issues to the liver and kidney.

Controlling your sugar levels can be the key to maintaining your bladder health or creating bladder problems.

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