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Women come in all shapes and sizes. It's just that simple. And though we may see a garment that looks incredible on a mannequin, that doesn't mean that it will fit us the same.

If you're like me, many times you don't want to take the time to try the clothing on; you just buy it because it looks good on the rack or mannequin. But the truth is, most mannequins have pins along the garment they are displaying, to make the clothing fit better. If mannequins need alterations then it would stand to reason that we do too!

How to Find a Good Tailor

  • Skip the dry cleaning places unless you have been given a solid recommendation from a friend. Most dry cleaning businesses are in a hurry and may not take the time to discuss the fitting issues or measure you properly. Don't get me wrong, there are good tailors in dry cleaning businesses. But someone that specializes in just tailoring is likely a better choice.

  • A good tailor looks at how the fabric looks on you and the way it moves. In addition, a tailor should suggest fabric textures and types that will look good on you for future purchases.

  • Good tailors listen, simply put. Tell them your concerns and how you would like the fabric to fit you. If the tailor cannot make that happen, she will tell you your options based on different sewing techniques.

Wardrobe Shopping Tips

  • When purchasing clothes, it is better to find them a bit roomy, rather than too small. This gives the tailor something to work with and most will tell you it's easier to fit the garment to your shape if it's a bit too large.

  • When making wardrobe selections, buy it if you know that you will wear it regularly. Pick classic styles that will trend in the years to come. This saves money over time. And it altered correctly you will feel great each time you wear it!

  • When purchasing garments, don't forget the cost of a tailor. Many women who invest in a good tailor buy their items on sale or at a second-hand store so the initial investment in the garment is less expensive.

  • Once you find a good tailor, stay with them. They will become familiar with your tastes and the shape of your body and how you like garments to fit.

We hope this information on finding a good tailor is helpful to you. Do you have any testimonials on how tailoring helped you save money and look great? Tells us on Facebook or Tweet us!

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