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Travel-to-Greece-in-2015Opa! Between the picturesque white houses, mouth-watering gyros and rich culture, Greece should definitely own a place on your travel to-do list. Don’t let the poor economy and apparent austerity dissuade you from traveling to this incredible country. 2015 is the year to get your Greek on!

Greece’s summer peak months are June through August. While those are the hottest months and all tourists aim to bask in that hot European sun, it’s probably best to travel to Greece in either May or September. It’s still hot, and you’ll absolutely beat the majority of the rush.

Personally, I loved my time in Athens and have a mini-guide for what you can do while in the historic city...

Must Sees in Athens

The Acropolis and ParthenonGreece Acropolis Parthenon 4

The Parthenon is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Despite constantly being under construction, it is a true beauty and something you must see if you find yourself in Athens.

Greece TheParthenon 2

Mount Lycabettus
Greece MountLycabettus 1

If you’re a walker and can handle steep hills, I definitely recommend taking a small hike to the top of this hill in Greece. You’ll get an incredible view of the city and you can reward yourself with a nice frappe once you reach the top. It’s a hidden gem that is often overlooked by tourists.

Walk through the different neighborhoods...Greece Mykonos

Athens is a HUGE city filled with neighborhoods of different lifestyles and ways of life. In Syntagma Square, you’ll find a fabulous street for shopping. In Monastiraki, you can walk through a huge flea market. And don’t forget to visit the authentic fish market in Plaka. You can easily walk through these neighborhoods in a day.

If you have more than just a few days in Greece, don’t forget to see the islands! They’re easily accessible by plane or boat. If you’re looking for the white houses, try Santorini, Mykonos, or Paros. If you’re looking for a quick island-day trip, try Aegina, Poros and Hydra.Greece Santorini

The culture in Greece will leave you feeling inspired. The Greeks truly value life and being there will teach you that there's more to living than just making money. Visit and see for yourself... and let us know how much you loved it!

Photo Credit: Monica Kucera

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