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On-the-go is a way of life for most of us. Whether it is shuttling kids from one place to another or balancing a crazy work schedule with a social life, there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. The clock seems to work against us, ticking the hours away and before you know it breakfast time has turned into dinnertime. It's no big deal right?!? Missing lunch is just a way of life for the busy bees of the world. Well, that casual attitude about eating is bad news for your body.

Here are five ways missing, even one meal, has a dangerous effect on you.


HANGRY: Let's start here because this is probably the first thing people around you will notice. When a grumbling stomach doesn't work, your body raises the stakes by flooding the system with unchecked emotions. You can ignore hungry. Hungry and angry? Not so much.

BRAIN FOGYour brain always gets top priority over other organs for glucose, water, and oxygen since your brain cells can live only a few minutes without them. Missing nutrients cause your brain to conserve energy and that affects thinking and concentration. 

LOSE CONTROL: Your body does not like to feel hungry, so it releases hormones to trigger eating. If the body has gone without food, those triggers push you to find carbohydrates and sugary foods. When you do finally start eating, you can easily enter a binge mode, grabbing and overeating whatever is around. 

FLIPPING THE STRESS SWITCH: Our stomachs and brains are connected. Remember how we talked about getting hangry? Well, your brain can step it up a notch and go from hungry to angry to full on stressed just by releasing a hormone that triggers an anxiety response. The kicker? The anxiety only goes away when you eat something.

BODY SHUTDOWN: Continuing to skip meals forces your body to go into starvation mode and start pulling nutrients from muscles and that leaves you feeling shaky with headaches and sweats. Every organ and many internal systems run on blood sugars, so when that drops so does your energy level. 

 The most important message here is: Don't Miss A Meal! Always have an on-the-go option ready. The time you think you are saving by working through lunch or not taking the time to throw a snack in your bag is wasted if you aren't thinking straight, feel bad or move slowly.  So throw a fork in your bag, grab an on-the-go lunch, and never go hungry again.

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