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why-you-should-vacation-with-just-your-family-1Vacations are a way for the whole family to reconnect.

We just came back from seven, sun-filled days in Mexico and in hindsight, it was hard to believe that I was nervous about vacationing with family before we went. Looking back, it was the best decision we could have made.

why-you-should-vacation-with-family-2My mantra was just the twenty of us. We were the family that did better when we vacationed in groups. Kids would entertain kids. Parents would entertain other parents. After a turn in events, this year we went solo.

Our resort, The Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos, was a safe and familiar place. Last year, we moved across the country so we were looking forward to something familiar. Ten years ago, we bought our time-share after falling in love with the beauty, warmth, and friendliness of the area.

Little did we realize that years later, we would be living under three hours flight time, and that the resort would be sold and tripled in size. Fortunately for us, the resort transitioned from a time-share to an all inclusive luxury resort featuring four-star restaurants, shops, and enough Pina Coladas to keep the adults happy around the clock. 

Knowing the area and what to expect were ways to make a vacation less stressful.

There were the things we were sure not to do:

  1. Don’t rent a car for the week. They charge you as much for Mexican car insurance than they charge for the rental.
  2. Do not cook on vacation.
  3. Do not clean on vacation.
  4. Absolutely, under no circumstance, should you consider doing laundry on vacation.

why-you-should-vacation-with-family-1Then there were the things we knew to do:

  1. Hit Mango Deck for margaritas, chips, guacamole and game-filled fun.
  2. Buy matching earrings from locals selling sterling silver.
  3. Plan one sporting activity.
  4. Do all activities at the beginning of the week to make the week seem longer.
  5. Most importantly, eat and drink as much as possible since you are not cooking or cleaning dishes.

This year our activity day was on Thanksgiving. Our guide Marco picked us up at our hotel and brought us into town where we were equipped with life vests, boards, and paddleboards. We set out paddling our way to the Cabo Arch where we were greeted by a family of sea lions. Stopping to snorkel, we could see clear to the bottom taking in the beautiful fish and coral reefs. My husband and son climbed an elevated rock and plummeted into the waters below.

The remainder of the week was spent at our resort. The boys who are 10 and 14 had an opportunity to bond over football and water events. My girls who are 17 and 19 had the chance to bathe in the sun and chat about all the events they had missed while separated at school. My husband and I, we just took it all in. We watched the kids as they embraced, entertained each other, and talked about old familiar stories.

Before we knew it, our card games, football catches, daily workouts, happy hours, and incredible meals had come to an end. Looking back, this year my thanks are for the beautiful memories we share as a family. Through the diaper changing, chasing, strict rules and unending guidance, I had always dreamed about the day when we could sit as a family, laugh, and reminisce. My family had grown. Appreciating each other and our time alone, if given the choice, I would do it all over again.

Our new mantra? Just the six of us.

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