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why-young-men-date-older-womenHave you ever had a younger man pursue you? Learn why younger men like to date older women.

Many of us remember the 1967 movie, The Graduate, where Dustin Hoffman is pursued relentlessly by Anne Bancroft, an older woman with a daughter his age. And it gave many of us "the willies." Nowadays, society doesn't think a younger man dating an older women is so taboo. But why is this? What is it about young men these days that motivates them to seek those of us more "seasoned gals" out? Here is a bit of insight and how to process this phenomenon.

Younger Men Dating Older Women

Why does a younger man want to date me? There are many theories as to why younger men date older women, and those reasons and opinions depend on the man. Here they are...

1. You Are Attractive For Your Age

For many men, physical attraction usurps age, not matter what the age. If there is chemistry, there is chemistry. Young men these days just don't seem to care. They are enamored with an older woman just because.

2. You Have 'Experience'

Some young men simply want to be taught how to be stellar in bed and learn to deal with women and relationships. They figure that we've "been there done that" and along with the sexual attraction, they'd like to learn a few things.

3. You Are Secure and Established

Older women, for the most part, are more confident and secure, and that is enticing to a young man. And not to "diss" you younger sirens, but we have been in your shoes. At times as a woman, it takes a little experience and life lessons to feel good in "our own skin." And that's ok. It's just human nature. In addition, young men like to be taken care of financially, plain and simple because they are on the road to getting established, but not quite there yet.Young men have a difficult time with the "seemingly immature" younger female. But I think it is safe to say that for the most part, men mature more slowly than women. Still there are the young men that are naturally "old souls" and seem to mesh well with older women.

4. He Has "Mommy" Issues

Maybe he has the need to feel nurtured and taken care of, just as a young woman might need a man to do the same. At any rate, if either situation works, it works. Just keep in mind that the relationship may be short-lived (or not).

Love knows no boundaries. And we have seen many celebrity women "take the plunge" with younger men. Some of those relationships are working and some haven't. So what do you think about younger men dating older women? We'd like to know on Facebook or Twitter!

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