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Why You Shouldn't Log In To Facebook Today

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Ever had Facebook-envy? Doubted yourself after seeing so-and-so's successful status post or beautiful vacation photo?

Yea, we've been there. 

A study released today by Psychology of Women Quarterly showed that women are more likely to compare themselves via Facebook versus any other media including TV, print, and magazine.

"Our research shows that spending more time reading magazines and on Facebook is associated with greater self-objectification among young women and these relationships are influenced by women's tendency to compare their appearance to others, particularly to peers on Facebook," the researchers commented.

The study showed that magazines were infrequently read by women where many believe comparisons and body image woes are thought to begin.

The real find is that women 17-25 are online more than ever and in fact, 40 percent of daily internet use was spent on Facebook. That relates to about two hours a day spent on Facebook alone!  

Facebook users compare their images to those of their peers and rarely to celebrities. This leads to greater self-objectification for women as they look at themselves as an observer.

"Furthermore, self-comparisons to images of a previous self might engender a greater focus on specific body parts, also contributing to self-objectification," the study noted. 

Experts suggest that young women post less and spend time on other sites.  

Snap Chat may be a good idea since pictures are eliminated after viewing.

The researchers continued, "This was one of the first studies which shows that appearance comparisons partially account for the relationship between media usage and self-objectification. Young women report spending long periods of time on Facebook and this research highlights some of the potential negative influences that Facebook may have on how young women view their body."

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