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Sugar Glider with Owner

There are dog people and there are cat people... and then there are "other" pet people. For them, more are turning to the idea of exotic pets. With a careful eye on rules, laws and permits, some wild animals are finding themselves domesticated and loved as pets.


Wallaby Selfie

Were you a child who dreamed of owning a kangaroo? Well, you're in luck! Their smaller cousin the wallaby is becoming a popular pet in Australia. Before you book your ticket down under, there are a few strange behaviors to know about, such as salivating, paw-licking and food regurgitation. So if you are okay with these quirks and you have a big yard for your wallaby to move around and hide from time to time, you too can own a wallaby!


Pet Fox on Leashom on Shoulder

To make one of these sly furry dog-like animals a pet, you have to go all the way to Siberia. There, scientists have been breeding and domesticating foxes for 56 years at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics. Geneticists there say the new generation of their foxes are similar to dogs. Not easy to train but they are available for adoption for a hefty price tag - $8,000 - and you have to be approved but the institute's importer. 



No, this is not a giant guinea pig, although it is a distant relative. Domesticated degus are needy, social creatures, so it is best to get a small group of degus to keep each other occupied. Keeping them all in a large cage with lots of toys, things to climb on, digging boxes and sand baths will make your little hoard of negus happy and playful. 

Fennec Foxes

Fennec Fox in Basket

Foxes make the list again - this time the big-eared and bright-eyed, version known as a fennec fox. With the right vaccinations and permits, these little escape artists are becoming more popular. Their love of digging means when not out with you they need to live in a cage, since these little foxes are nocturnal that can come with some sleepless nights.


Capybaras Selfie

Not everyone can own a Capybaras; they are illegal in most areas. For the few that can, the key word for these pet owners is dedication! That and having a generous love of rodents. These intelligent, caring and large rodents come with at a price, requiring a swimming pool and specific shelter to be happy and healthy. Capybaras survival instincts are strong so occasionally they might bite when threatened but they are extremely affectionate and have even been known to adopt animals from other species.

Sugar Gliders

Sugar Glider in a Pocket

These tiny squirrel like creatures can make a fun and very affectionate pet - if cared for properly. Don't let their squirrel like appearance fool you, you still need a permit to own these exotic pets. While small, sugar gliders require lots of room preferably tall spaces so they can fly and some kind of wood log to hide in. These little ones are fiercely loyal and love cuddling so getting a pair might keep everyone happy because without attention sugar gliders can become unhappy. Another nocturnal pet making this list, they can be very vocal, so keeping them away from bedrooms is probably a good idea.


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