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Mealtime with the family should never feel like a challenge. Cooking and eating with the people you love is one of the most special and sacred times of the day. If it feels rushed or forced, then those quality moments go out the window.

But we’re sure you’re asking yourself who has the time to put a memorable family dinner together? With a lengthy list of work tasks and errands in one hand and extracurricular activities and play dates in the other, it's rare when mom is not busy. Even on days when there aren’t as many to-do items on a list, a mom may still see it as impossible to cook a heart-warming dish that will satisfy everyone at dinner. 


Dinnertime — your end-of-day time — should be the solace of your day. You may not have had a perfect day and not every task may be checked off, but you can still find pleasure and relaxation while you connect with your family over a delicious meal.

So how does one accomplish this? Who has the time?

If we’ve basically described the controlled chaos of your day-to-day, we’re going to hook you up with Pantry Pal plus some winning recipes to get you started.

The Tool


Pantry Pal is a useful, helpful and soon-to-be praised tool in your home. Just click on the staple pantry items that you already have and in seconds you have simple recipes to prepare, nutritious and of course, delicious dishes. 

Cook Up Some Family Fun

Make things interesting at the dinner table by involving the whole family when putting a meal together. Not only are they fun, they also bring the family closer. These games and challenges can be done every night or on a designated family fun night, and all by using Pantry Pal!

  • All In: Using Pantry Pal, one member of the family can select the pantry items they’d like dinner to include. Then it is up to each member of the family to help in the prep, cooking and serving process.
  • Mystery Night: Write the staple ingredients listed on Pantry Pal on paper, tear off and put in a bowl. One person is selected to blindly pick two ingredients from the bowl. They then select those two ingredients on Pantry Pal, and the family as a whole can decide what recipe they’d like to make from what Pantry Pal lists.
  • Sous Chef: Like the idea above, write down each family member’s name on a piece of paper, tear off and put in a bowl. Mom, you pull the name out of the bowl and whoever it is will be your sous chef for the night! They will follow your lead and learn how to cook a recipe with you! Your fellow family members will follow the little (or big) sous chef’s lead, cutting up veggies, heating up sauce, and what other directions the sous chef needs following a recipe from Pantry Pal!

Winning Recipes To Get You Started

Ranch with Bacon Mac and Cheese


 This recipe is perfection when it comes to being quick and delicious. Four ingredients are all you need for a delicious, homemade mac and cheese. The rich, hearty bacon-infused sauce is irresistible and made for every palate, pasta and plate. By opening a lid of a flavored sauce, any mom can transform the taste of a dish, no herbs needed. Plus, it’s on the table in less than an hour!

Skillet Zucchini


Sautéed zucchini and onion are simmered briefly in tomato sauce and topped with melted cheese to make a delicious side dish that's ready in 30 minutes.


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