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We all know that taking care of your skin during the winter is vital to keeping it soft and clear, but most of us are so busy cleansing, toning and moisturizing our pretty little faces, we miss other parts of our bodies crying out for attention.



One word: dandruff. So many suffer from dry, itchy scalps during the winter.

In order to fight the flakes without over-greasing your hair, try two tablespoons of lemon juice followed by one teaspoon of a lemon and water mixture



When walking outside in the extreme cold, always remember to cover your head and mouth. Unfortunately, this leaves one facial feature out in the cold, your nose! Remember to use extra moisturizer on your nose and when possible cover it during those chilly wintery days. For those with sensitive skin, stay away from harsh scrubs.



Think sunglasses are just for summer? Think again! While walking out in a snow-filled flurry or against the ice-cold wind, it’s natural to squint. Instead of increasing your chances of getting crow's feet, simply cover up those peepers with some frames.



Your eyebrows are what frames your face, so it’s important to keep them in good health. For those wanting to keep them on "fleek" without causing any harm, try an eyebrow serum that conditions the hairs without freezing up into gel-cicles.



Prevent sagging skin in the future by covering your neck with a scarf now. The cold weather can damage skin, especially when you’re sweaty after a workout.



Fight chapped, cracked lips the natural way with a simple sugar scrub. Either grab an all-natural scrub or make it yourself with some sugar, olive oil, and lime zest.

Top Of Hands


While applying your daily anti-aging serum, don’t forget to put a little on top of your hands. This will help prevent wrinkles and skin damage while your friendly paws are out in the winter air.



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