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300-sandwiches-proposalThey say the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

But it looks like this man’s hunger for love outweighed his hunger. A woman on a quest to make 300 sandwiches in exchange for a marriage proposal is now engaged, and she only had to make 257. "I was working on sandwich #257," Stephanie Smith wrote on her blog Tuesday. "I guess neither one of us could wait until #300."

The engagement episode of Smith and her boyfriend Eric began last year when Smith made her partner a delectable turkey and swiss creation. Her boyfriend loved the sandwich so much, he promised to propose if she made 300 more.

That’s when a blog was started and the sandwich-making saga began.

"Ten sandwiches or so in, I did the math," she wrote last September. "Three sandwiches a week, times four weeks a month, times 12 months a year, meant I wouldn't be done until I was deep into my 30s. How would I finish 300 sandwiches in time for us to get engaged, married and have babies before I exited my childbearing years?"

The sandwich love story took off, with critics and sandwich enthusiasts weighing in on the task.

But ultimately, with 43 sandwiches left, Eric proposed while the two were vacationing in Barbados.

“I said yes, by the way,” Smith wrote.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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