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A new study has found that nearly half of women in a relationship have a “Plan B” man waiting on the side in case their current relationship goes south. It also found that married women are more likely to have a backup. The study sampled 1,000 women and the researchers found a considerable percentage of these women have managed to keep another man patiently waiting should they end up single.

Researchers also found that the backup guy is likely to be an old friend who has always had feelings for the woman. Others include an ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, a colleague or someone who they simply have met and gotten to know, like someone at their gym.  Backup boyfriends are most likely someone they have known for about seven years, findings that could be alarming for many significant others. 

There are plenty of reasons why woman would want to have a backup boyfriend.  The woman could be afraid of being alone so she has an “extra”, or perhaps the woman doesn't trust the man she's currently with or doesn't think her partner is good enough.

One in ten women said their “Plan B” guy had already confessed his undying love, and one in five of these women said they were confident he would drop everything for her, if asked to. Many of the women said they got to know their backup man while still in their relationship. Many of these guys have been on the scene for awhile.

The scariest part of the research? Many women report having stronger feelings for their backup guy. The weirdest part is that half of the women in the poll said their partner knew the backup guy existed.

People took to Reddit to discuss these surprising findings. One commenter said, "Women don't love like men do. Their love is conditional. Men idealize and romanticize relationships and feel that ‘putting their being’ into it justifies their existence as men. Women are pragmatic and are looking for security."

Another commenter said, "You're an idiot if you don't have a plan B and C for every situation in your life not just relationships. Plan B for a job, Plan B for transportation, Plan B for living situation, Plan B for Life! Nothing lasts forever."

And another commenter noted, "If that report is accurate, that most truly is the most disgusting thing about the whole thing - the fact that a woman is willing to string a guy along infinitely ‘just in case’ her relationship turns sour. Heck, if I had a girlfriend that was acting like that, I would dump her out of principle - less so because I felt disrespected."

Ladies, do you have a “Plan B” guy? What do you think of these findings? 

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