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can-you-pass-the-beyonce-testEveryone loves Beyoncé. Well, almost everyone. But is your Beyoncé love so immense that you'd dump your boyfriend over it?

One member of the "bey-hive," Allie Davis, took her diva love to the next level and required her boyfriend to take a Beyoncé exam (and pass) in order to stay with her. Because as we all know, a solid relationship is built upon a mutual love for Beyoncé and extensive knowledge of her career.

Davis shared pictures of the test on her Twitter, which consisted of 10 questions and included matching, fill in the lyric and short answer portions. The test questions were mainly about Beyoncé, but also included questions about Davis' other favorite pop stars. Her boyfriend was required to get a 60 percent or better if he expected to stay with his girlfriend of two and a half years. 

Thankfully, he did end up passing, but wasn't able to name more than one member of One Direction or fully describe the global impact of the infamous elevator incident between Jay Z and Solange.

As for anyone who was worried that test was serious, Davis did clarify on her Twitter that it was just for fun. She even joked that maybe her boyfriend should give her a quiz on his obsession - video games.

But just because it was a joke doesn't mean that anyone should feel free to slack on keeping up with their Beyonce knowledge. We all know what happens to people who diss Queen Bey...

Photo Credit: Splash


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