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women-in-tight-shortsWomen in Shorts for Summertime Fun

We've all seen them: women in tight shorts that have no business wearing skimpy clothes. Why is it that summer seems to temporarily knock out the part of the brain that controls how we dress? Suddenly we're letting our arm flab jiggle in the breeze and our pale cottage cheese thighs bask in the summer sun as if we had no shame. Fortunately, there is a pair of shorts for every woman that is both flattering and comfortable.  

Women in Short Shorts  

If, like most of us, the summer's rays leave you longing to ditch your jeans for something cooler, it's essential to find the best fitting shorts for your figure. No matter how many women try and disprove it, the fact remains that that not many of us look good in tight shorts. The photos of women in short shorts that adorn magazines are almost always airbrushed. Even those models don't look perfect in shorts. Their legs are smoothed, lengthened and given a golden tan on the computer.

So what kind of shorts are best for you? Follow our handy guide to find the best shorts to make you look like a carefree summer goddess instead of someone from an episode of COPS.

Best Shorts for Your Body Type

Short for Short Legs

If you are petite with short legs, you'll want a pair of shorts that trick the eye by making your legs look longer. Avoid Bermuda shorts or Capri pants that won't fit you well and will make you look like a little kid playing dress up. Your best bet is a pair of shorts that hits a few inches above the knee or higher if you've got the legs for it. Look for shorts that are minimal in design without bulky pockets or oversized embellishments.

Shorts for Skinny Legs

Most people would call you lucky to have skinny legs, but you'd probably assure them the grass is always greener. If you've been mistaken for a boy from behind, you'll need a pair of shorts that will give you a more feminine shape. Choose a low-waist pair of shorts with large pockets on the rear to give you extra shaping there. Another great option is a pair of drapey wrap shorts that will give you an hourglass shape. Rolled cuffs and cargo pockets can also help fill out your hips. Avoid slim fit shortsthat will only bring attention to your thin legs.

Shorts for Plus Sizes

Big girls like to enjoy the summer as much as everyone else. Fortunately, there are plenty of shorts for curvy womenthat look and feel great. The most important tip for buying shorts when you are a larger woman is to fit the biggest part of your body. If your hips are much larger than your waist, buy shorts that fit there and have the waist taken in or wear a belt. If your waist is bigger than your hips, don't try and squeeze it into shorts that don't fit around the middle unless you like sporting a muffin top. Taking in the seat and legs of shorts is simple and inexpensive. Look for shorts that hit at the knee or an inch or two below and avoid large pockets, cuffs or anything else that adds bulk to your silhouette.

Shorts for Women with Big Butts

We know how Sir Mix-A-Lot feels about curvy girls, but not everyone shares his enthusiasm for big butts in shorts. If you are proud of your butt, that's great, but you still want to wear shorts that will flatter you. Look for shorts that are dark, high waisted, and hit your thigh where is starts to get narrow, usually three or four inches above the knee. Try to find shorts without pockets on the sides or the rear to keep you looking smooth and svelte.
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