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women-lean-into-less-pay-even-todayAre women in the boardroom "bossy" or am"bitch"ous?

Since International Woman's Day last Friday, the talk has stirred around females roles in the workplace. Sheryl Sandberg's new book, "Lean In," incites a conversation that has blasted the news and media forums with much conversation.  

Even though there are many women who are successful in corporations, still, female graduates earn $8,000 less than their male counterparts. Women are seeing less earning by 18% and as much as 26% percent in rural areas like Montana. Even the leading new job on the market, home health care has a distrubing $9.70 pay rate which is filled mostly by women.  

As Sheryl Sandberg's book encourages, women are not pushing enough of the conversation.  We talk ourselves out of opportunities, limiting ourselves by our family roles or lack of confidence.  

A HP survey found that a majority of women would not apply for a job if they didn't qualify 100% for the position. And when Yahoo's Marissa Meyer's banished at-home workers ( primarily females ) she was bashed throughout the media, even though she herself went back to work when her child was just a few weeks old.  

Does this mean we have to give up motherhood to succeed in business?

Hell no! It's a matter of finding balance and using these experiences to our advantage. Women make more than 78% of the buying decisions in the home and can be using this information to get ahead.

But as Sheryl Sandberg warns, "know your value." It is so difficult for many of us women, myself included, to "know your value." 

For me, my passion of loving of what I do can get in the way of making money.  I find myself in charge of many volunteering placements with my expertise that a man would never step up to do. That's where we as women have to make the changes.

Tips to Get Ahead at the Workplace

  1. Know that you should not feel guilty for loving your career - even during motherhood.
  2. No time can be replaced that is missed with your child, but the time you do spend should be present - not on your cell phone.
  3. Learn to blend your experiences for greater value and insights at your job (there are those at work whom need mothering!).
  4. Be positive with your body, your time and appreciate what you bring to the workplace. Keep those negative thoughts out of your mind.
  5. Dream to be your best self and live your best life. But you have to know what it looks like to create it! Take the time to dream.

There's a fine line between being bossy and ambitous. However, when it comes to the female role at work, even Oprah has been called a name or two along the way. And, although a man is never cited with those terms, if you are doing what is best, the cream will rise to the top.

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