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women-more-prone-to-allergies-and-asthma-than-menGender plays a role when it comes to allergies. Who knew?

A new study finds that age and gender impacts an individual's likelihood of developing allergies as well as asthma and autoimmune diseases. Research found that adult women are more prone to developing asthma, allergies and autoimmune diseases than men. While this may not be new in the scientific world, it's a revelation to many of us. Based on your age and gender, you may be at risk for developing allergies and the like.

Gender, Allergies and Asthma

However, the reverse is likely in young girls and boys. Before the onset of puberty, boys have a higher risk for health issues than girls. Genetics are also a factor as pregnant women who received allergy shots reduced their offspring’s likelihood of developing asthma, allergies, and even eczema.

The Medical Daily conducted a similar study and found that women 40 to 50 were hospitalized more often for asthma related complications. These finding were backed up by a doctor that stated that in the years when women are menopausal (40 to 50 in many cases), men of the age same age group are two times less likely to be hospitalized.

The results were present at a meeting for scientists.

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