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For the first time in U.S. history, a woman is a  presidential candidate for a major political party, and that is one of the least interesting things about Election 2016. The crazy roller coaster ride this election has become is only made more entertaining when you stumble across reporters who are having fun with their coverage.

17898-liz-plank-voxFew people appear to be enjoying the presidential race more than Elizabeth "Liz" Plank. The senior producer and correspondent at Vox.com (and that is just one of her jobs) continually puts her master's in gender and social policy to work creating viral video posts for her presidential election series 2016ish.

It's not just fun and games with Plank, she also writes thoughtful and provoking articles and acts as an expert commentating on modern-day feminism and the millennial feminist. She created Mic.com's award-winning Flip the Script video series, which confronted social issues. 

But it is her wit, humor and unique way of interpreting what she hears on the campaign trail of this tight race for president that we just can't get enough of watching.

You can follow Liz Plank's election adventures on YouTube: VOX 2016ish

Website: Elizabeth Plank 

Twitter: @feministabulous 

Facebook: feministabulous

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