Home Haircuts Can be Disasters!

The worst OMG moment is when you finally look at yourself in the mirror and see a disastrous do-it yourself haircut instead of that cute bob style you tried to create from a magazine. You would think that given the number of disasters beauty salons have to correct, they would post warning signs that read “Don’t Try This at Home!”

So many women have tried to cut their own hair. Most later admit that without proper hairstyling instructions and a little practice, you’re going to create a comical masterpiece that can take months to undo. Then you end up spending more money to get your homemade hairstyle repaired. This is not to say you shouldn’t try to save a little money by attempting to style your own hair, but follow a tried and tested procedure and have a back up plan if it doesn’t work out for you.

If you’re like thousands of other women, it’s safe to say you’ve probably tried cutting your own hair at least once. Believe it or not, many of the odd haircuts you see on television and in magazines where once botched home haircuts that actually worked for that person. The problem is that what works on one person most often won’t work for you. That's why it’s so important to have “How to” guides and the instruction of a professional hairstylist before you try the latest women’s home haircut.

It's okay to trim your ends when they get a little frizzy and out of control or even to maintain a salon cut, but cutting your own hair into a new style at home takes patience, knowledge of angles, a good pair of scissors, and two or three instructional manuals. Most hairstylists avidly warn customers not to attempt a do-it-yourself home haircut if you don’t have the proper tools and accessories.

If, however, you are going to give a home haircut a go, make sure you set up a clean area where you can lay down newspaper or a sheet to catch the fallen hair. Always use a precision pair of hair scissors, not those angled seamstress scissors or those dull pair of paper scissors. True precision hair scissors are not expensive— you can find them at your local beauty supply store. In fact, you can get everything you need from a beauty salon and beauty supply outlet.

A Rattail comb is another important accessory for women's home haircuts. This is a tiny tooth comb with a long pointed tail. It will help you comb the hair evenly so you can make precise cuts. You can use the tail of the comb to part your hair as you go. Having a big vanity mirror and another smaller handheld mirror is essential. Using both mirrors will help you see the hair on the back of your head before you cut it. This works much better than bringing the hair from the back of your head to the side in order to cut, which can cause you to cut the ends unevenly and produce an unwanted angle.

The most essential part of a women’s do-it-yourself haircut is having a friend or relative to assist in the task. There’s nothing like an extra pair of hands and eyes when you’re trying to cut your own hair. This eliminates the problem of not being able to cut the hair in the back and having sore arms from holding them in strange positions. More importantly, your friend can help you decided if the haircut is right for you before committing to it. It’s always good to have a second opinion to ensure you're making the right choice in home hairstyles.

You're going to need some instructions on how to get the cut and look you want. There are tons of women’s home haircut how-to guides on the Internet. When you really think about it, the money you save by not going to the salon each week to trim and restyle your hair could be your back up fund to fix your next home haircut if you don’t follow a few tips on DIY hairstyling.

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