womens-work-fashion-grows-casual-through-the-weekCasual Friday is taking on a whole meaning. While it might be hard to get out of bed when you have the Monday Blues, new research shows women are dressing to impress for the start of the work week. As the week drudges on and hump day arrives, work wardrobe starts to get less "smart" and more relaxed. 

Survey results show about three quarters of women dress professionally or formal on Mondays.

By Tuesday, that number drops to 63 percent, with 32 percent of women admitting they spend less time on their hair and makeup.

On Wednesday, a little less than half the surveyed women switched out their power suits for something more casual.

"Women want to feel more relaxed midway in the week," according to the results.  

Thirsty Thursday arrives and women wear party-able outfits - aka outfits that transition from day to night in a breeze - in anticipation of those after work drinks.

And by Friday, possibly the result of a hangover from those after-work drinks, or because they're just plain tired, only 43 percent of women choose to dress "smart." Twenty-five percent of women wear comfortable clothing and bring a change of clothes for the evening.

'Along with a strong coffee, looking and feeling good is the best pick-me-up for the first day of the week," personal stylist Alain Mehada, who commissioned the research, told the Daily Mail. "Dressing elegantly instantly makes you feel more professional, and able to take on whatever the day throws at you."

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