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The nation has been taken over by the ALS ice bucket challenge!

From Former President Bush to football teams to very likely you and me, the ALS Association (ALSA) has made us all more aware and charitable. Along with the obvious benefits of raising awareness and money for ALS, many have enjoyed the challenges due to seeing our favorite celebrities take it on. 

ALSA has received millions of dollars in donations with the smart usage of viral videos. People who once may not have even of known what Lou Gehrig's Disease are creating videos for it and donating whatever they can - including celebs. 

One that caught our eye was Gal Gadot, aka Wonder Woman. She was challenged by a friend to do the ice bucket challenge and accepted, then made a great recommendation herself as to who should go next. 

Watch Gadot's Ice Bucket Challenge

Gadot nominated Zack Snyder, director and writer of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. You may also know him from directing the films 300 and Watchmen. Also nominated by Wonder Woman? Her husband, Kate Winslet, and the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter. 

Have you done an ice bucket challenge yet?

Photo Credit: PR Photos

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