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Is your friend into working out or do you wish she would spend more time at the gym for her own health? Friends are forever and doing something healthy together can strengthen your friendship and beneficial for you both!

Invite her to a fitness class. Take her to a fitness class that you enjoy doing that you think she might enjoy too. If you’re not a group class person, just take her along with you to the gym! Introduce her to the equipment or some new moves and find a workout that she truly enjoys. If she enjoys it, she’ll more likely want to keep it up! You can even hire a personal trainer to give her a session or two.

Buy her a workout DVD. Explain to her that you’re doing it just for her health and that it can be a fun way to work out together in the comfort of your own home. Do the DVD together after work.

Buy her cute workout clothes. Everybody likes getting new clothes and feeling fresh. Buy yourself some new workout clothes while you’re at it and teach her some at home workouts or yoga poses that you can do together in your living room or if it’s a nice day, out in your yard or at a park.

Hire an in-home yoga instructor. Have the instructor to come to your friend's home and give her a completely customized and personal yoga class. Whether its something new to her or something that she’s tried before, having a class be customized to her liking is the perfect way to get her started on working out more.

Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph helps women lose weight and feel confident in their skin! She's been seen on Dr. Oz and CNN. Join her FREE online challenges that focus on her four pillars of health: physical, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual. Go to www.StepItUpwithSteph.com to sign up today!

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