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The second Sunday in May every year is reserved to honor our mothers – the hard work and love they put into raising us and the sacrifices they make. Moms have it hard, especially working moms in the United States. It may shock many people to know that the United States is one of only two countries in the world that does not mandate paid maternity leave for new mothers.

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver celebrated Mother’s Day this year with a segment highlighting the duality of a society that claims to value motherhood yet does not fully support working mothers.

As companies in the United States are not required to pay new moms for maternity leave, Oliver said many moms must use their sick days and vacation days or forfeit pay for any time they take to recover and take care of their newborns.

Despite this, there are a few companies that realize the importance of flexible hours and paid maternity leave for attracting and retaining women. Working Mother Magazine’s annual survey highlights a few companies that are forerunners in ensuring that working mothers get the support they need to succeed at home and in the workplace.

In alphabetical order, here are the top 10 best companies for working mothers in 2014. According to Working Mother Magazine, these companies on average offer six weeks of paid maternity leave and three weeks of paid paternal leave. In addition, many offer an additional six weeks of part-time leave.

1. Abbott

2. Deloitte

3. Discovery Communications

4. Ernst & Young LLP

5. General Mills

6. IBM

7. Prudential Financial

8. PwC

9. WellStar Health System

10. Zoetis

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