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working-out-at-home-videoWork Out at Home

For many of us, the mere thought of going to a gym to work out is just plain unrealistic with our schedules, our proximity, and our financial situation.  But that doesn' mean that we stop working out.  There are many effective ways to work out at home.  And you don't even need equipment.  You can use your own body weight and maximize gravity's pull by using those limbs in such a way that you can achieve the results you are striving for without the financial and time-sensitive pressure.  Here are some good at-home workout moves using gravity as resistance without body weight.

Great Home Workout

If you are one of the many women that wish to work out at home, the key lies in using your own body weight to tone up.  Andrea Metcalf shows us how to do just that with the following home workout exercises.

Squat, Curl, Reach and Touch 

  • Stand up straight with legs shoulder width apart.  Take legs down into a squat position, ideally taking your hips down so that your legs are at a 45 degree angle.  Take great care in making sure your knees don't go over the toes when looking down.  Act as if you are sitting onto a chair. 

  • Then holding the squat position, curl your arms up in a bicep curl motion.  Arms should be at sides and palms up, with elbows seemingly glued to each side.  Bend at elbow and curl your arms up toward your chin.  
  • Straighten your legs by coming out of the squat position, and stand upright, reaching your arms to the ceiling, arms straight.  Stretch upright.
  • Lower your arms and squat once again to touch your toes with your fingers.  

Perform this exercise for one minute.  Your thighs will burn, the blood will get moving and you will be amazed at the results.  And this exercise targets the total body, so in essence, you are killing two birds with one stone.

Knee Lift and Twist

  • Start with your elbows across the body, as if crossing your arms only your arms are out in front of you. 

  • Take knee to opposite side of body as your torso twists, then back to the starting position.  Do this for 30 seconds on each side of the body. 
  • Make sure that as you bring your knee to the opposite elbow, that when you return to the starting position, that opposite elbow is pointed in the opposite direction.  See Andrea Metcalf's demonstration for full description

The knee lift and twist exercise is an incredible abdominal exercise that works the obliques.  The obliques are the muscles that wrap around your tummy like a rubber band, keeping everything tight in that area and accentuating our natural dip at the waist.

Working Out at Home

Working out at home saves us money, gas, and hassle.  And the at-home exercises Andrea Metcalf suggests target total body and keep you from having to , get down on the floor if you do not want to, yet, still tone up.  The cool thing about using body weight for exercise is that as you perform the above exercises, your heart rate will increase, fulfilling a cardiovascular workout as well.  If the times that she suggests for the above exercises becomes too easy for you, take both moves up a notch, to two minutes for squat, curl, reach and touch and one minute each side for the knee lift and twist.  Keep shocking your body and you will have great results!
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