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workout-at-home-dvds-for-twenty-something-fitness-HEADERWhen you’re feeling twenty-two, you may remember how great your body looked and felt.

But when you’re twenty-two, you may be taking for granted the ability of your body to have it’s best shape, tone and movements. With just a little bit of fitness three to fives times a week, you'll have that confidence to don a bikini and feel your best. Turn on your TV and get in shape with these fitness DVD's geared for ladies in their twenties.

Top Fitness DVD's For Your 20s

  • Dance Off the Inches, Cardio Hip Hop Party / Anchor Bay Videos : You’ll find some fun aerobic moves broken down so that anyone can learn them. Dance for your fitness and then try some moves out on the town.
    • Burn level: Four Stars
  • Fit As A Pro: Ten Minute Full body Workouts with Olympic Medalist Lauren Sesselmann / Cafe Oscuro Films: Pro Soccer player Lauren shares her strength moves that kept her in shape. Five different ten-minute workouts to tone your total body.
    • Burn level: Five Stars
  • 10 Minute Solutions: High Intensity Training / Anchor Bay Videos: Between a new job or college courses, these high intensity interval training workouts burn up the calories.
    • Burn level: Four stars

That said...when you can’t make it to the gym, check out these three hot fitness DVD’s to help tone your body. Although these videos are great for any age, they are favorites of many twenty-somethings across the country. 

If you have any health or fitness related questions, please feel free to reach out on my Facebook page: Facebook.com/AndreametcalfHealth or email me directly at Andrea@womensforum.com.


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