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workout-dedicated-to-jessica-2-headerI never promised you’d get the best body working out with me for these #33minutes.

But I did promise that gentle exercise every day would create transformation in our lives in unexpected ways. Today I got the news that Jennifer, a sparkly woman who was diagnosed with cancer when I was too and has a son the same age as mine, died yesterday. She wanted to take her son to Disneyworld but got too sick to accomplish it.

So today, as my son and I were recovering from the flu, crabbily doing homework, I told him that there is one more thing to do. He looked at me with a sullen expression.

"Zip up your backpack, and then go get your favorite movie. We’re going to watch it together, in bed." On a school night no less. The look of disbelief and then joy on his face was priceless. "Really? Awesome!"

So for tonight, I give you workout dedicated to Jessica. Snuggling in bed, energizing your heart.

Take the chance to stop and do something fun while there is still time to do it. Honor her memory by doing something fun. She’d like that a lot.

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