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These top 5 FIFA World Cup teams are the definition of impressive! 

The 2014 FIFA World Cup has been an addicting few weeks, starting June 12 and concluding with the final on July 13. During the final, Argentina and Germany competed for the Cup, as Germany won the title by defeating Argentina 1–0 after additional time. Though Germany triumphed, there were many other impressive teams, including Germany that dominated the field. 

1-usa-world-cup-team-revealedTeam USA reveals World Cup list, Landon Donovan to not play on the team.

With one month left until the kick-off for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Team USA finally released the line up. Although some familiar star players are returning, Landon Donovan, one of USA's most popular players, will not be joining the rest of the team in Brazil. These 23 athletes, some familiar and some new, will be taking on numerous teams, including Ghana, Portugal & Germany, without Donovan.

1tim-howard-soccer-goalie-heroHis stellar performance didn't go unnoticed by his fans on social media.

Tim Howard may not have been able to bring the U.S. to a win during Tuesday's World Cup match against Belgium, but he sure got attention in another big way.

The U.S. lost the match in a disappointing 2-1 defeat that ended their World Cup run in Round of 16, but Howard managed to steal the spotlight by making a record 16 saves in the game's 120 minutes.

By the end of the game, Howard's legendary performance had reached internet stardom sparking memes in his honor and the hashtag #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave


How often do we see a 20-year-old make it to the World Cup final?

Not many, but Jozy Altidore has been tearing up the field since he was signed for the New York Red Bulls in 2016. Although he plays for many club teams in Europe during the season, he still plays for the United States World Cup team for international games, and will be playing in the 2014 World Cup.

international-hotties-of-the-world-cupNeed escapism in the form of hot men? We've got you covered.

Soccer season is creeping up on us and this means only one thing…men may go completely M.I.A. for the next few weeks. In order to get you through the soccer period, we've compiled a list of the best International Hotties of the World Cup. Whether you're trying to impress that sports-obsessed crush with your player knowledge or desperately seeking eye-candy whilst your man is engrossed in the game - we're all over it!

us-athlete-profile-clint-dempseyLearn about one of the top players for the United States 2014 World Cup team!

Clint Dempsey's talent has been quite the talk in and outside the United States World Cup team. His talent as a soccer player was known at a very young age, especially after playing in the U-20 World Cup Final in 2003. Although he's had ups and downs when it comes to his game, his achievements have gotten him far in the soccer world, including qualifying for the 2014 World Cup!

Athlete-Profile--DeMarcus-BeaselyThis Team USA player is one to watch for as the World Cup approaches.

As the 2014 FIFA World Cup approaches, there are some athletes to watch out for. DaMarcus Beasley, an American soccer player who plays for Puebla of the Liga MX is one of those men. His main position exists on the left side of the field as a winger but sometimes plays as a forward or full back.

6-international-players-to-watch-slideshowMake sure to check out these top six international players for this year's World Cup!

Social media will be buzzing, televisions will be flashing and fans will be cheering as 32 teams enter into Brazil this June for the 2014 World Cup. Nevertheless, with so many teams, which players are the ones worth keeping note of? These top World Cup players are ones will be checking out this year! And no, Juan Pablo is not on the list.

michael-bradleyMichael Bradley placed under pressure for the 2014 World Cup. 

As a midfielder for Toronto FC in Major League Soccer, Bradley is known for moving the ball up the field and his ability to stay calm under pressure. Bradley also plays soccer for the United States national team, making him a man to watch out for in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.


Landon Donovan knew what he was doing at a young age in the soccer world...

He didn't wait around after being signed at a young age to play with a club soccer team in Germany. Since then his presence has grazed numerous fields, many teams, and has been a part of many significant national and international games. Landon is one to watch for in the United States World Cup team and will hopefully pull a few of those significant goals during the 2014 World Cup!