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World Hunger Banquet

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world-hunger-banquet-headerFighting the world hunger epidemic begins with the education of Americans.

With the advances in technology it is easy to see that there are around one billion people who go to bed hungry each night and a billion more who are  just on the edge of that fate. With the crises that face people every day, Americans, and especially American children, are often unaware of how lucky they are to live in a country where most needs are taken care of.   Awareness is a key that many schools and community organizations are creating with the advent of the world hunger banquet.

A World Hunger Banquet for Awareness

world hunger banquetDifferent community organizations such as churches and other charitable organizations are starting to see the need in the world's poorest countries, but the impetus for the banquets was college campuses. World hunger has reached staggering proportions since many of the poorest people also have the greatest number of children. This has led to the most innocent becoming the victims of poor planning, floods and droughts. Much of the world farms as a major occupation, but the advances in technology are only available to a very few. Trying to feed the world is a difficult task, but one that the world hunger banquets try to encourage.

These college hunger banquets often start with an announcement in the campus paper that invites students to attend a special banquet to help feed the poor around the world. Many of the students are attracted to the idea and show up at the designated time to see what they can personally do. As the event starts, each participant makes a specified donation and then draws a ticket from a fishbowl. The number they draw is the table they will sit at.

  • Table number one is nicely decorated with flowers, nice dishes and silverware. About twenty percent of the crowd goes to this table.
  • The second table is usually a plain board on saw horses that has very simple dishes and a spoon beside each place. Only twenty five percent of the crowd sits at this table.
  • The final table is a blanket that sits on the floor with no dishes. The final fifty five percent of the participants are seated at this table.

The three tables show the divisions that exist in the world between those that have enough to eat and those who do not. A world hunger banquet is organized to show those who attend that hunger is a real problem in the world. The third table represents the majority of people who may only get a single meal of rice and water every day. At the second table the people get rice, water and some beans or bread. The first eats like most Americans do every night. The fact that most of the world is hungry is driven home by the stark difference in the meal the three tables recieve.

Organizing a world hunger banquet starts by visiting the site www.worldfooddayusa.org and determining how you want to advertise and distribute the donations. There are many organizations that are specifically set up to distribute the donations to poor nations to feed the hungry, and they can be found on the site.

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