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Everyone, it's time to meet the obscure but completely useful Exclamation Comma. Grammar traditionalists, we understand your hesitancy, but once you start incorporating this snazzy punctuation mark into your writing we promise your life - and grammar game - will never be the same. 

Exclamation-comma-graphicIt all started with a feature on Grammarly. Now the internet is blowing up about the Exclamation Comma which conveys excitement and emphasis (like an exclamation point) but in the middle of a sentence. That's right, you'll no longer need to wait until the end of the sentence to express your excitement about something! 

The punctuation mark was originally invented in 1992 by three American inventors. It didn't catch on, the patent lapsed, and we'd all forgotten about it until now.

So exactly how do you use the Exclamation Comma?

Example: I had an Orange Is The New Black Netflix binge this weekend (insert Exclamation Comma) and barely got any sleep. 

And when you tire of working the Exclamation Comma in everywhere possible grammar nerd style, turn to some other forgotten punctuation marks like the Question Comma (exactly like an Exclamation Comma but conveying confusion instead of excitement) and the SarcMarc to convey sarcasm. Or tackle the Interrobang (a cool and completely useful combination of a question mark and an exclamation point). 


From left to right: SnarcMarc, Interrobang, Question Comma
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