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XMas Ornament Storage

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xmas-ornament-storageWe've got efficient storage ideas for seasonal decor!

'Tis the season, but no one wants to be attacked by a mountain of half-broken Christmas ornaments and an octopus of lights. It's time to get in gear and organize those seasonal treasures so you can keep your keepsakes and your sanity!


Efficiently storing your seasonal decor is not as daunting as it seems, nor does it need to break your post-holiday bank. Below are a few simple ideas on Xmas ornament storage that will keep you rocking around the Christmas tree instead of just jingling your bells (okay, maybe that was pretty bad...).

Storage Solutions for Seasonal Stuff

1. Purchase Plastic Bins

Separating one season's decor from another is essential because the more often you remove, shuffle through, and replace a box, the more likely its contents are to be damaged. Purchase several large plastic bins. They don't have to be super high quality as long as they can stack safely. For bonus points, get different colored lids for the boxes to quickly identify which box is for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc. These bins will be the basic building blocks for your seasonal decoration storage. 

2. Ornament Storage

If some of your ornaments are small and you haven't saved their original packaging, you can start preparing to store them safely by collecting larger egg cartons. The traditional cardboard ones might work better for this than Styrofoam, which breaks down sooner and can be punctured more easily. The individual compartments of an egg carton are perfect separating fragile items to preserve them. Shred some paper, line the bottom of the carton, place your delicate Christmas ornaments inside, top with more shredded paper and you're set. 


3. Apple Crate Ornament Storage

For glass ball ornaments or other decorations of similar size, one ingenious idea is an apple crate. Many bulk stores have moved toward selling apples or pears in plastic crates of about 16 - 20 pockets that cradle each individual apple. These are perfect for separating colors or styles of ornaments. Another free solution would be to ask at almost any local grocery store for their apple stackers. Most apples arrive in large boxes with grooved cardboard shelves between each row in the box. These might not be as sturdy as the plastic crates, which almost entirely encapsulate each ornament, but they are perfect for stacking lots of them and provide sufficient padding and safe storage to make sure your ornaments reemerge each year looking shiny and new.


4. Cardboard Boxes with Dividers Ornament Storage

Another cheap idea for separating ornaments are the cardboard dividers that come in boxes of wine or other glass bottles. For the especially intrepid, cut these into small sections horizontally, and then stack by placing a cut sheet of cardboard in between each layer of ornaments. All of these separators can be safely stacked and organized within the plastic storage bins. Make sure to pack the most fragile items on top and provide plenty of padding, individually protecting with bubble wrap if necessary. If collecting these articles isn't your style and you budget appropriately, there are an array of archival storage boxes for Christmas ornaments available online for purchase. 

5. Storing an Artificial Christmas Tree

For those with lots of storage space for an artificial Christmas tree, consider a Christmas tree storage bag that will wrap your already decorated tree from the bottom to the top. Much like a protective wreath bag, all your tree will need to be decorated the next season is a little fluffing and rearranging.

Hopefully these tips and ideas have fueled your drive to protect those Christmas ornaments and organize your holiday decor so you can "deck" the halls (instead of your spouse) this season.

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